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Do you know exactly how many leads you need to meet your revenue goals? 

Use our lead calculator to find out!

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Adjust your totals in the sliders below to your best estimate. We'll email your custom report to discover how many leads you need to meet your revenue goals.

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Use the lead goal calculator to:

Define your lead goals - Use our calculator to determine the accurate and realistic number of leads you need to hit your revenue goals


Outline the lead process - Once you know your accurate and attainable number of leads, you can begin to outline the process of lead generation and lead nurture in both marketing and sales


Set your sales goal - You can also experiment with this lead calculator by adjusting your sales close rate to see how your lead goals change accordingly


Inform your sales strategy - Also adjust the totals for your deal size to see how your sales strategy affects the number of leads you need to hit your revenue goals


Your Lead Goal Report Includes:

  • The number of leads you need to generate per month to reach your revenue goals
  • Expert information on today's marketing and sales environment
  • Exclusive tips for lead generation

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